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It's not your typical Sunday morning read. Still you have to comply, if you want to sell in Europe. Let us take care of it.

Shopify lacks a few key features for making your store GDPR compatible. EasyGDPR fills those gaps and helps you to become GDPR compliant.

GDPR is 88 pages and more than 50,000 words long

Key features

Easy GDPR helps you meet GDPR regulation requirements more easily

Let your users (Registered + Guests) see the personal data your store keeps for them, including data previously hidden by Shopify like IP addresses.

Access to Personal Data

Let your users (Registered + Guests) send a modify request so you can make the changes using Shopify admin and other 3rd party softwares.

Data Rectification

Both registered and guest users can download their personal data, addresses, orders in CSV format and take it with them.

Data Portability

Users can indicate to remove all their personal data from your store, so you can complete the deletion from your store and other 3rd party softwares.

Right to be Forgotten

Keep a list of all customer GDPR requests in your Shopify admin panel. Receive an instant email notification about new GDPR requests.

Keep track of GDPR Requests

Cookie Consent Bar

Fully featured GDPR compatible cookie consent bar. Multi-lingual, various placement positions. You can hide it from users outside of the EU.

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Keep information of the privacy policy or terms or conditions accepted by users.

According to lawyers the most important tasks is to update your privacy policy in alignment with GDPR. Our privacy policy generator will help you fill the missing gaps.

Timestamp date of agreement

Privacy Policy Generator

Consent Checkboxes and Privacy Notices

GDPR requires you to get user consent and use privacy notices where you ask for personal data. 

The Easiest Way To Make Your Store GDPR Compatible

Install Easy GDPR now and let us take care of GDPR compliance.